Related Soul – Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation


Where have you been?
all this bitterness i took.
All this Lust
for salty sour pies.
Can’t fill the room

I reserved
for the sweetness of your trust.

Let me touch you,
the reward of my restraint.
Dive in,
lascivious of worlds,

slowly heated
on the softness of your thighs .

Don’t worry of the past!
For you
my kiss shall give a home.
Let your wounds
dismiss themself at last.

For you
I will take any road to rome.

I don’t own a single dyme.
Don’t wish for any treat.
Just laying down the world
at your beloved feet!

Love me in exchange.
As if we were alone
Eye in Eye in sight
both wearing golden crowns

Don’t try to fix my self!
I am
a broken rest,  a shell.
Embrace my  broken shards

melt me
with your warmth as spell.

My related soul,
let us share
two to One,
live again as gold
in Passion

in Love
as we have done.

Picture from here

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19 thoughts on “Related Soul – Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

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    • Thanks Alienora! Yeah I thought a lot about loving and fixing each other. But as in we can’t forcebly fix each other in love but melt into One by accepting the unfixable. i tried to let the poem be broken. Even the rhymes are pretty damaged. 😛

      • Your third sentence is brilliant – and the way you have crafted the poem so that it becomes a part of that brokenness is wonderful,

      • Now you got me blushing like a child. Thanks *ähem*
        I mean like a man. A very terifying red man. 😉
        Do you mean the one with don’t worry of the past or the one with laying down the world at your feet?

      • So sorry; I realise I was less than clear: no, I meant the third sentence in your comment to me in this instance, though I love the images in the poem as well.

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