Arrived in Toronto!


Ok I arrived in Toronto at least!

I am visiting my family here so I just wanted to say, that I will try to write here as well, but maybe it will not be as frequently as usual. Don’t worry I will be back! 😀

So have a nice march and don”t forget to celebrate the persian new year! 🙂


picture from here


9 thoughts on “Arrived in Toronto!

      • Definitely nice, gentle and delicate I will be! But I guess I will be more busy playing with my youngest cousin (He wants to be a fireman lately and said that I am a policeman. Now we are rescuing the world… all day long) and showing my grandfather some animal documentaries (he really loves animals, I showed him the BBC Life documentary series). So I guess there will not be any girls soon around us. Except for my lovely aunt and my grandmother 🙂

    • Thank you very much! 🙂 I already built a snowman with my cousin. Irgendwie komisch in Koeln word es gerade warm und hier jetzt -8 Grad oder so! Wird aber warmer jetzt! 😉

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