the most beloved tool
it’s meaning we seek
it’s meaning we fool.

As easily we write
not everyone has
not everyone might.

most sacred of treasures
we search in the world
we search it by measures.

We steal from, we kill
one or two to obtain
the hardship of history
washed away with the rain.

Never was it so hard
to understand what it means.
As now while we have it
and we fear it to leave.

And the history repeats
it’s violent gore.
Our savior , our “freedom”
doesn’t help anymore.

A small light inside
is not stopping to be.
The freedom in reason
it’s “peace” what it seeks!

Let it be!

© Farzam Seyed Mikail Fardowsi

The picture thankfully used from here

2 thoughts on “Freedom

    • Oh thank you very much! Now i’m blushing. Yes english is kinda like my second language even though i spoke english before i learned to talk in persian or german. 🙂 thanks for you nice comment.

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