Turning point



When did we take the wrong turn,
ended up in suffering,
no escape in sight,
doomed to watch the world burn?

Where was the point of no return,
where doubts empowered
quicken the pace,
instead to halt as we have learned?

Which way has led us to this mass,
of exhaulting violence,
liying truths,
love without feelings, a game of chess?

There was no turn, no point,
no way that was wrong,
but the decision itself
we keep to move along.

All those lovers in history
gave their love to be sowed
opening paths from this misery
alongside of this road.

So we have to wake up
understand our nature of end.


Paths are manmade
and turns can be bend.

© Farzam Seyed Mikail Fardowsi

The picture thankfully used from here


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