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Every single drop of nonesense i give to myself is calculated for a higher cause. To mock my senses into building up my reason

I have something to tell and it will be a story about someone, love, freedom and the meaning of life! I know pretty unique cough
But sometimes it is not the 100 times someone told you something, that you come to your sense, but the one time more that will open ones eyes.

Hi I am Farzam Ferdowsi!

I live in Germany. I have studied Philosophy and Psychology as Bachelor of Arts and am working on finishing my Master of Arts in Philosophy with the distinctions in Aesthetics and Metaphysics.

I love writing Poems and Stories and sometimes I discover myself writing traditional philosophical texts just to weave them later into more stories and poems. 😀

I believe, that the most complete way of communicating truth to somone is through telling a story.

A Story is not dictating. It doesn’t set it’s opinion as absolute. It lets someone discover the truth by refeeling it.

I see myself as Human born. Child of the world. Because the energy and atoms of the world came together to work as an entity, which resulted in me being born from the love of my father and my mother. I don’t need restrictions in form of calling myself German or Persian. I am. Born as a human. And that is good as it is.


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