Tearful kisses – Daily Prompt: Tainted Love


This is a breakup!
I don’t expect you to knew.
Overwhelmed in pain,
didn’t want to bother you!

What is left of us?
Nothing worth to stay.
Only scars,
the toll I’m ready to pay

The day we have met
I didn’t believe in you.
overwhelmed and lost
in your eyes colored in blue,

I wanted to say no
Instead a maybe came
Then I realized it
when the yes have sealed my pain.

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Related Soul – Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation


Where have you been?
all this bitterness i took.
All this Lust
for salty sour pies.
Can’t fill the room

I reserved
for the sweetness of your trust.

Let me touch you,
the reward of my restraint.
Dive in,
lascivious of worlds,

slowly heated
on the softness of your thighs .

Don’t worry of the past!
For you
my kiss shall give a home.
Let your wounds
dismiss themself at last.

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The self within – Daily Prompt: You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch


As far as I am self concerned
there is no part in me
not self governed.

But even with this self control
some thing affects me
as a whole.

A dragon sleeps within my soul.
Impatience named!
To cry, his role.

In angel shadows, hidden, waits
for prey to come by,
sets up baits.
In goodness. selfless work of hope
slowly tying around
my neck a rope.

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Where the Stone rests! Daily Prompt: Out of Your Reach


My Heart locked up
in a stony shelf.
Rests restless
in a critical self.

“No desire!”
programmed to do!
Fearing to tear,
he believes in it too.

Hoping one day,
the time might come,
Where he can be free
and shine like a sun!

Believing in hope,
Believing in love!
Old glorious tales
his father told of!

But time has molested
his beautifull dreams.
He raped him more often
as to watchers might seem.

Deflowered, misused,
he gives in to the preach.
Only hoping the rescue
won’t be out of reach!

(by Farzam Seyed Fardowsi)

for this Daily Prompt

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To every living being – – Daily Prompt: Fifteen Minutes

You have 15 minutes to address the whole world live (on television or radio — choose your format). What would you say?

Dear poeple of the world i stand tall to be proud to tell you the one thing i really would like to release from the bottom of my heart!

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (5 Minutes later) ck yooooooooooooooooo (5 Minutes later) uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and all those shit you are doing to any thing, any child, any animal, any person and to nature! Stop violence! Stop being a jerk and start living with each other, together! peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (4:32 Minutes later) aaaaaacccceeeee! Thank you

for this daily prompt

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