The light

Go out!
Look each other in your eyes!
Speak a friendly whisper,
and be the things you miss in life!
Go out!
And hold on to someones hand so dear!
Share your warmth,
a hug
let us end this world of fear!
Go out!
And open up your heart and see
the darkness will be gone,
the light
is noone else but we!
What cause has your light
inside a lucid room?
But bring the light into the dark
and see the loving flowers bloom!
Farzam Mikail Fardowsi
Picture thankfully taken from here


The world is heading
into dire ways.
Hope shuts up
and reason fades.

When words feel numb
and pain complains
and one just follows
what some dictates.

I’ll sit in silence
with nothing to say
nothing to know
I only can pray.

That tomorrow
and after
the end of today.
A world I can live in
will stay!

Farzam Mikail Fardowsi

Will (edited)

And in my darkest hours
my god he held his hand on me.
Demons he devoured
souls he helped me free.

Oh god my thanks for thee!

Underneath the safety of the palm!
I sit alone and weep.
For the darkness in the world
and the endless love you give.

Oh god my thanks for thee!

Tears and tear I cry.
For the love I see by thee
no one to love have I.
But my love for you is real!


Copyright by Farzam Mikail Fardowsi

Peace for Paris

Mein Mitgefühl und meine Gebete schon jetzt für die Opfer dieser abscheulichen Nacht in Paris und deren armen hinterbliebenen Familien! Schrecklich!

My condolescence and prayer goes to  the victims of the horrible act of terror in Paris and their families. A truly horrible time we are living in right now. 😦