The open Cellar Door


“One night a lonely house opened his cellar door.”

“Why the cellar door?” the little boy asked with eyes drunken in curiosity.

“As lonely as the house might be, the house wasn’t cheap so he wanted the company of someone who cared to come inside. Someone who would at least go around and look what the house is like.” The wise man said.

“But why? Wouldn’t the people think that the house belongs to someone.”

“You are quite a smart boy, That’s correct. The house belonged to someone. But this is long ago. The owner left this house for good. Despite his love for this house. He had to leave as he has other houses to build and he believed as he had treated the house so well, others will find love for the house and start to live in it and let the house be as it is built for.”

The wise man raises a brow and watches the little boy. There is no doubt the boy is already vividly imagining the house. More kids gather around the wise man as mice around cheese or as cats around those mice. And they start to ask what the house is built for.

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