American Teppanyaki cut in Shime ji sauce and Asparagus with tomato basil parsley accent







Almond oil
black pepper
Soy sauce
a bundle of basil
a bundle of parsley
a tomato
280 gramm american teppanyaki cut steak
Shime ji mushrooms (a bundle)
green asparagus (kitchen ready)


Rub salt and pepper on each side of the Teppanyaki. Heat almond oil in a pan until it is really hot and heat the oven to about 180 degree celcius.
When the oil is really hot fry the teppanyaki on each side for about 1,5 Minutes. Try not to cut or stab the meat because you want to have the juice sealed in and not bleeding out into the pan. 😉
When you are done put the steak into the oven. I made an aluminium covered plate under my steak to catch the juice faling down and laid the steak on the grillage grid.







Leave the steak in the oven for about 10 to 20 minutes (depending on wether you want it to be rare, medium or done)

Here is a video for those who need help finding out how they steak is. With thanks from TheShedOnline




Then I sautéd the Asparagus in almond oil until they are done.



I grated the tomato with a kitchen grater and added it to the asparagus. Also I added a little Salt and pepper.



Now I took a few leaves of the basil and a little parsley and added it to the asparagus and tomato. I let the water biol until it was a nice pasty fluid and the herb leaves are cooked too. Then garnish the dishes with it.



The Sauce is actually pretty easy just sautée the mushrooms until they are nicely brown. Add some salt and pepper and a little soy sauce. heat up reall nice and add milk. Let the milk boil until there is just a saucy fluid left and that’s it.




Now you can add more herbs or spices to the sauce but the american teppanyaki cut from wagyu so tasty, that i didn’t want to ruin the flavors.


Now just garnish your dish as you like an voila you have a teppanyaki steak in shime ji sauce with tomato basil parsley accented asparagus.



Guten Hunger



Mushroom couscous with lamb





Almond oil
Olive oil
2 Eschalots
2 Garlic cloves
2 cups (0.2 litres) of water
2 cups (0.2 litres) of couscous
2 Tomatoes
half bundle of parsley
half a bundle of mint
1 tablespoon of vegetable broth powder
1 teaspoon of black pepper
400g of mushrooms
250g of lambfiletsteaks


First put the water with the cous cous into a pot and add the vegetable broth powder and the pepper. Let it boil! Immediatley after it boils take it from the heat and let it rest until done.

Cut the Eschalots and press the garlic.
Cut the lamb into thin 3-4 cm pieces.
Cut the mushrooms in 1/4 Pieces (never wash the mushrooms under water always just skin them with a knive).

Heat a little almond oil with a little olive oil. Fry the Lamb in a friying pan until it is looks grilled from every side but try to not to dry the lamb out because we want it to be juicy. Add the mint and salt. Take the lamb out of the pan and add it to the couscous.
Now fry the mushrooms in the remaining oil (add olive oil if it dries out). When the mushrooms are getting nicely brown add the eschalots. Let it fry a while until it gives out juice then cut the tomatoe small and add it to the pan. After a while add the pressed garlic and let it all fry a little at medium heat.

Now mix in the cous cous with the lamb and stirr it under a little heat until it mixes nicely with the rest. Add it on a flat plate and garnish it with fresh parsley and voila your mushroom cous cous with lambfilet is ready.
A little mint yoghurt can be a fresh addition as a sauce! 😉

Spinach Chicken



1 Onion
2 Whole chicken legs
1 Tablespoon Curcuma
1 bound Fresh Parsley
3 Carrots
3 Tomatoes
1 bigger piece sellerie root
black pepper
1 teaspoon grated nutmeg
Fresh spinach (200g-400g)
3 coffeecups rice
5 coffeecups water

First peel the onions and just cut it in big pieces and throw it with a little almond oil into a Stockpot. When they are caramelized cut the chicken legs into two pieces (thigh and drumstick) and put them into the Stockpot as well. Give the chicken a lot of heat for a short term on both sides. Then put in water to cover up the chicken.

Cut the carrots, Tomatoes, sellerie root into medium pieces and put it all together into a blender. Try to get it cut as small as possible. Afterwards put it into the Stockpot with the chicken and put enough water in it too slow cook it for several hours.
After a half an hour taste the broth and put in salt and pepper (as much as you like), the curcuma, the parsley and the grated nutmeg. Let the Stock cook on one third of the heat for at least an hour now.
After an hour taste the broth, add salt and pepper again if you like and put in the spinach. Cover up the Stockpot and let it cook 0n minimum heat.

The rice is very easy to do. You always put in two to three cups ( depends on the mass. For example 3 cups rice – 5 cups water but 5 cups rice to 8 cups water) more water than rice into a pot. Put the water into the pot and let it boil! put in a little salt and the the rice. Make the heat onto one third of the power and let it cook for 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and let the rice rest for 10 more minutes. Put in butter if you like (more yummy! 🙂 )

Let the Stockpot cook for at least 3 hours. I cooked it for 7 hours. Taste after a while and maybe put in some tasty spices. I recommend cinammon and chili it goes really good with the tomato and carrot in the broth.

Put in the spinach and the broth first. Take some chicken to the side. Now put some rice into a soup cup press it a little then turn it over on the spinach. knock one or two times on the back to loosen it garnish it a little with cocktail tomatoes and parsley and voila your slow cooked chicken is ready.